Take 5 King Size Candy Bars: 18-Piece Box

Get your neck brace ready! You’ve heard of a double-take. How about a quintuple-take? Well, when you get this 18-piece box of Take 5 King Size Candy Bars it’ll be enough to make you want to look back at least five times in a row. How so? It’s simple. You have five ingredients to ogle at. Under a milk chocolate base, a rectangular pretzel is lightly salted, then smeared with smooth peanut butter, while caramel sits under a creamy chocolate seal. We’d say that’s more than enough to keep your eyes and taste buds busy for a while. Perfect for outings, bring these treats with you to the movies, as snacks on the road, or perhaps just stick them in your lunch pail for a delicious whip lash of flavor.