Sour Punch Straws 2-Ounce Packs - Rainbow: 24-Piece Box

Things to consider before signing up for a bout with Rainbow Sour Punch Straws: Can you take a punch of strong citrus flavor? How about a one-two combination that leaves your tongue blue, red, green, or yellow? Finally, can you last at least 10 straws? If your tongue is up for the tangy tango, step into the ring of flavor. After you peel apart the white cellophane wrapper that holds a tray of strawberry, green apple, blue raspberry, and lemon gummy straws sprinkled with sour crystals, put your tongue up and begin to chew. Just a fair warning: you’ll inevitably get a new tough face complete with puckered lips and stern eyes to withstand the looming TKO. But losing to the sour punch won’t be a problem for you. The little rainbow aura that’s left floating around your defeated yet desiring taste buds will encourage you to demand a rematch. And there are plenty of chances for those since 24 trays come in a box.