Sour Punch Straws 2-Ounce Packs - Rainbow: 24-Piece Box

Things to consider before signing up for a bout with Rainbow Sour Punch Straws: Can you take a punch of strong citrus flavor? How about a one-two combination that leaves your tongue blue, red, green, or yellow? Finally, can you last at least 10 straws? If your tongue is up for the tangy tango, step into the ring of flavor. After you peel apart the white cellophane wrapper that holds a tray of strawberry, green apple, blue raspberry, and lemon gummy straws sprinkled with sour crystals, put your tongue up and begin to chew. Just a fair warning: you’ll inevitably get a new tough face complete with puckered lips and stern eyes to withstand the looming TKO. But losing to the sour punch won’t be a problem for you. The little rainbow aura that’s left floating around your defeated yet desiring taste buds will encourage you to demand a rematch. And there are plenty of chances for those since 24 trays come in a box.

Take 5 King Size Candy Bars: 18-Piece Box

Get your neck brace ready! You’ve heard of a double-take. How about a quintuple-take? Well, when you get this 18-piece box of Take 5 King Size Candy Bars it’ll be enough to make you want to look back at least five times in a row. How so? It’s simple. You have five ingredients to ogle at. Under a milk chocolate base, a rectangular pretzel is lightly salted, then smeared with smooth peanut butter, while caramel sits under a creamy chocolate seal. We’d say that’s more than enough to keep your eyes and taste buds busy for a while. Perfect for outings, bring these treats with you to the movies, as snacks on the road, or perhaps just stick them in your lunch pail for a delicious whip lash of flavor.

Cry Baby Tears Sour Candy: 5LB Bag

Immediately after birth, newborns are given a beautiful blue or pink cap and carried to the nursery. There, they wail and weep like an orchestra’s cacophonous warm-up. Emotionless nurses stand by with clear valves to collect their sour and sweet tears in glowing hues of green, red, yellow, and orange. Don’t worry. It isn’t inhumane because these are sugar babies we’re talking about, and their tears are delicious. Try them when you want a drop of something seriously sweet and tangy. When the five pound bag is complete, it’ll be enough to make a grown man cry.

Silver Jordan Almonds: 1LB Bag

What happens after an expert silverware shiner with a sweet tooth retires? Naturally, the next venture is the candy business. We won’t tell you what color these Jordan Almonds were at inception because that would just ruin the mystery. But what we can say is a certain someone likes their candy extra shiny and silvery, so voila, you’ve got platinum almond hard candies. After taking a bite of the polished sweet flavor with a scrumptious almond center you’ll shine with brilliance too. Spread the dazzling taste by adding them to your next wedding or anniversary event.

Jelly Belly French Vanilla Jelly Beans: 10LB Case

Opening this 10-pound case sounds like an accordion playing lightly under the night’s sky. Inside, four thousand small white jelly beans adorned with black flecks are reminiscent of French mimes. When you drop a few pieces into your mouth, the taste makes you think there are lights in front of you as bright as The Eiffel Tower’s. But you’re not in Paris. You’re simply savoring gourmet Jelly Belly French Vanilla flavor. Share the Parisian experience with friends at your next party they’ll be sure to say “Merci Beaucoup!”


Sixlets Mini Milk Chocolate Balls - Black: 2LB Bag

Black is the absence of color. It can be imagined as a profound abyss that blocks light from traveling to the eye. But vision through sight isn’t necessary if you possess these glossy, black, milk chocolate beads. One crack of their dark exteriors will release warm and bright rays of sunshine throughout the mouth in the form of sweet, creamy milk chocolate flavor to dance blithely across the taste buds. Pour them into a clear candy buffet bowl at your next event. Your guests will be amazed to see the light from a different perspective.

Gold Stars Candy: 2LB Bag

There’s a cluster of magic concealed in a shooting star. Sure, we all know of the luminary wonder that soars against a jet black sky causing young minds to whisper their most secret dreams and desires, but very few know what happens next. If the wish is evil, the shimmering star dust will dissolve into dawn. But, if the wish is fair and good, the glimmering gold morsels are collected and pressed into sugary star confections. Sometimes we forget what it feels like to dream, hope and believe. For a friendly reminder, add these gold stars to your next candy buffet; with one bite your guests will remember the true flavor of a wish fulfilled.