Five Minutes With Amandla Stenberg

The 17-year-old “The Hunger Games” actress and Los Angeles native, who’s been outspoken about cultural appropriation via her social media accounts, chatted with WWD after her WE Day California speech.

WWD: What made you want to get involved with WE Day?
Amandla Stenberg: It has the exact same morals that I do in terms of utilizing the power we have to make change. There are a lot of amazing people here educating the youth in the audience about certain topics we might not know about, and I love that.

WWD: What’s been your favorite moment?
A.S.: All the kids are going wild cheering, and seeing people who have disabilities rising above them and hearing the stories of people who have had to deal with racism and sexism, that’s really cool to see. I didn’t know that kids were that hyped up on activism.

WWD: You’re very vocal, so how would you suggest that kids find their voice?
A.S.: I think it begins small. You don’t have to start an organization in order for your work to be valid; you can just have a conversation with your friends and navigate in a space. As you become more passionate about a certain topic you care about, your reach becomes farther, but it all starts with something small.

WWD: What sparked your interest in change?
A.S.: My parents have always been knowledgeable about the way society is structured and taught me about that, and my passion to speak out about it comes from within. [Being an actress] gives me the space and freedom to talk about the things that I care about.

WWD: You have a lot of other projects happening between your folk-rock duo Honeywater with Zander Hawley, and your Stranger Comics book “Niobe: She is Life.” What else are you working on?
A.S.: I’m working on a project called “The Hate You Give,” which is based on a novel about “Black Lives Matter.” Then I’m graduating from high school in the spring and going to NYU in the fall.

Neiman Marcus Cusp Panel Features Actress Emma Bell, Lyst’s Katherine Ormond

On Thursday night, the Cusp by Neiman Marcus panel in Beverly Hills drew a sampling of clients for a preview of spring’s noteworthy trends, hors d’oeuvres and green piña coladas in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

The presentation, which featured commentary from Angela Lanter of Hello Gorgeous, Katherine Ormond of Lyst and actress Emma Bell, showcased ten looks from designers such as Rag & Bone, Marc Jacobs, Alice + Olivia, Etienne Marcel and Self-Portrait. All had one or more element from “The NM List,” a take-home guide for guests that included the wide-leg pant, bare shoulders, lace, high-impact earrings, vivid matte lips and the color purple.

Beyond the external panache, Bell, who just learned that her digital media series “Relationship Status,” produced by Milo Ventimiglia, will debut at the TriBeCa Film Festival, said she appreciated the freedom of modern clothing. The actress recalled her role in the period film “A Quiet Passion,” which recently premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. In it, she shared the role of Emily Dickinson with Cynthia Nixon. “Everything then was really heavy and restrictive. You can totally see how women in that day, although it looks beautiful and it’s certainly romanticized in movies, were restricted. You can’t do a lot of the things that you can when we’re wearing jeans,” she said.

She was correct in the literal sense, as 10 percent of the proceeds from Etienne Marcel purchases that night went to support of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Hollywood Beauty Awards 2016 Taps Johnny Depp to Honor Dior’s Pamela Baxter

“It’s all about Wendy, it’s not about me, so you have to ask a lot of questions to her,” a smiling Heidi Klum told reporters while walking the carpet at Sunday’s Hollywood Beauty Awards with her hairstylist Wendy Iles. Along with a slew of other nominees, Iles had a chance to take home an award for outstanding work in the entertainment industry at the Avalon in Los Angeles.

But before the hopefuls could break out their acceptance speeches, there was Johnny Depp. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star had skipped the press line in favor of heading straight to the podium to acknowledge the first award of the evening, which went to Christian Dior executive Pamela Baxter for Fragrance of the Year.

“I was voted worst-dressed and best-dressed the same year in the same magazine,” he recalled. “They were curious as to why I looked like a vagabond, but when I met people, they said, ‘You do look like a hobo, but you smell really good.’ Now you know why,” he said, referring to Sauvage, the fragrance he fronts for Dior.

Although ever “thankful,” Baxter won’t call Dior home for too much longer, as she recently announced her retirement. “Oh no, the word is out,” she laughed earlier. “Let’s just say I’m not going to go to the beach. I might become an entrepreneur. Stay tuned.”

While tight-lipped on exact business plans, she hinted at promoting women, telling WWD, “I’ve been involved in women’s empowerment for quite some time and I’d like to have some more time to spend on that.

“I’ve been involved with an organization called WomenOne; Dayle Haddon started it, and she has been building schools in Africa. I sponsored a student for four years, and she graduated this past year, and we just pooled together $50,000 to build a new school in Senegal. I’m hoping to be able to go to Senegal when the first students arrive at the school and welcome them. It’s going to be a joy.”

The event, which supported Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, is only in its second year and there were a few gaffes, such as technical issues and slow-to-the-stage presenters, which led a playful Kelly Osbourne to dub it as “the most awkward” and “enjoyable” award show she’s been to.

However, no snafus could stop honorees Sterfon Demings, Kathryn Blondell, Mike Smithson, Laini Thompson, Norman Seeff, Jason B. Diamond, Clare Bowen, Chaley Rose, Sofia Reyes or their celebrity supporters Kelly Rowland, Angie Harmon, Jackeé Harry, Kym Whitley, Orlando Jones and Rebecca Gayheart from enjoying themselves over their three-course meal.

Before dedicating her Timeless Beauty Award to her mother Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffith gushed of her presenter, “I’ve always had a crush on Jon Voight, so this is an excellent evening for me.” Through laughter, she went on to say, “When I was asked if I wanted to get this Timeless Beauty Award I didn’t know whether it was for sort of getting older and heading out, you know. It’s very nice, and I’m glad I might still have a little bit of time.”